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Though we cannot engage physically now, the doors within our hearts are open and we are able to continue a “distance learning” approach via Zoom meetings every day (morning circles and afternoon reading clubs, music,
cooking classes, experiments, and much more). Our children have the opportunity to engage with each other daily and our maestras are able to continue working closely with them through a lot of fun and creative activities.

Virtual Circle Time

It is designed for children 3 years old and up. Kids have the opportunity to share what they’ve been doing at home and what they look forward to doing in the future. We begin our virtual circle time by singing two songs. Normally a little friend volunteers to help the Maestra and together they usually sing “Hagamos un círculo” and “Los días de la semana”. Through screen sharing on Zoom, the maestras able to share a presentation, pictures, videos, and songs about the topic that week. Through the live video, our little friends are able to see and talk to the maestra and listen as she reads a story. We share virtual hugs and kisses as we end our virtual circle time. 

Virtual Cooking Club

On Wednesday, our rayuelines have the opportunity to enjoy a homemade snack together with their friends and the maestra. With the help of their parents, our little friends are able to develop their fine motor skills as they cut and prepare the necessary ingredients. The maestra finds and shares simple recipes that are allergy-friendly, healthy, simple and delicious! Normally this virtual class is around 40 minutes. If there is any baking required, the maestra will read a book while they wait for their food to be ready. Our friends really enjoy this class as they’re able to get their hands a little messy, eat something tasty they made themselves, and learn Spanish along the way. Their sense of accomplishment is as great as the food they make! We try to incorporate easy to make recipes from our Latinoamérica cuisine such as arepas, quesadillas, salpicón, batidos, etc.

Virtual Reading Club

For our “Club de Lectura”, the maestra is able to share different books and stories with our friends online. This is a time to read a variety of books from great online libraries. During this time, the Maestra will read and interact with the kids to bring the stories to life. This online class focuses on reading beginner, intermediate, and advanced leveled books so that friends of all ages could enjoy.  

Virtual Music Class

Profe Sebastián joins us from Bogotá, Colombia on Mondays and Thursdays to brighten our afternoons with beautiful songs, lively instruments, and tenderness and attention that has bonded him and the children. He sings and interacts with the kids online to teach them music. During this hour, we invite our friends to take out their instruments from home and play them loud! Sebastian is skilled in a variety of instruments and plays them and sings for everyone to hear. He teaches about the different types and styles of music from Central and South America. Our friends learn about the different dances and cultures that go along with all the music! Profe Sebastián teaches music in Spanish by making connections to the children’s environment and their bodies. 

Online Schedule

*All times shown are using Pacific Coast Time (PST)

Schedule A (3 - 5 Years Old):

Schedule B (6+ Years Old):

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